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New for building Business Applications:

Business App Base

New Business Applications planned?
Business App Base is the new home for your companies, contacts, objects or documents.
Try basic application. Adapt flexibly. Use it immediately.

Business Applications

How do you quickly get new Business Applications?

You want to manage data, e.g. companies, persons, objects, documents?
Finished business applications often have many disadvantages:

  • They are expensive
  • They do not fit your needs
  • Customozations generate a lot of effort
  • And the implementation takes far too long

So how do you get to the desired application as quickly and efficiently as possible?

The answer: Business Applications from the modular system

WordPress has pioneered it: a website builder that lets anyone build their own website in no time. And that without any code. With brilliant templates that can be quickly adapted to your own needs.

This is also available for business applications:
Business App is one of the simplest but most powerful business software kits.
Drag and drop your applications to graphical interfaces without any programming skills.

Business App Base – the base for your Business Applications

Business App is the building set you use, to drag & drop any business applications.
Business App Base is the free basic template for managing companies, contacts, documents or objects. This already covers a large part of your desired application.

Business App Base – simple but powerful:

  • Companies and persons with address and contact data
    (for example for customers, suppliers, partners)
  • Mapping relations between companies and contacts
  • Document Management
    (for example, for manuals, advertising media, videos)
  • Objects
    (e.g. vehicles, inventory, machinery, licenses, software environments)
  • Notes
  • MS Office integration e.g. for letters
  • Integration of incoming and outgoing E-mails
  • Templates for letters and E-mails
  • Reports incl. graphical representation
  • Data import and export according to CSV, .XLS, PDF
  • Easy translations / multilingualism
  • Rights and roles management

Facts about Business Applications – did you know?

  • Companies want easier customization of their applications 84% 84%
  • Companies find the speed of software implementation important 89% 89%
  • Less programming for your new application with Business App 98% 98%

The shortest price list in the world

Bring on the new Business Application!

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