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Or how do you juggle your projects?

BA Hero Marketing ProjektAs a marketing team, you actually always juggle many projects at the same time. But creative circus is not desirable. For creativity you need time and rest. Who has which tasks? When are the deadlines? What is already done? Which status can be reported in the marketing meeting? You and your colleagues ask yourselves these and similar questions every day. Excel lists do not meet the requirements for transparency and teamwork in the company. Otherwise, your working days will always consist of inquiries, inquiries, inquiries. Do you implement marketing projects and need a solution that supports you in a simple and uncomplicated way? Whatever you need, with the solution Project Reporter you can use and extend the appropriate application in a simple and uncomplicated way. In addition to the usual address and communication management to suppliers, you can also upload files (photos, PDFs, Word documents, etc.) and add further information such as tasks, decisions, communication, etc. With the help of the traffic light status you keep the overview.

Marketing made easy

Print: Request quotations, distribute tasks, deliver print data on time, store view document, communicate the new material internally.

Events: Book stand space, hire stand constructors, delegate/monitor tasks, deliver material, send information internally, store trade show photos and share them with colleagues.

Social Media: Schedule posts, find/create image material, post image and text, call colleagues to share.

Campaigns: Record concept/procedure, document agreements and orders with suppliers, monitor work package, announce start and progress internally, campaign progress and results are available to everyone.

Press: Collect topics, work out text, pitch articles, document publications and send them to colleagues “beaming with joy”.

This can now be continued for almost all marketing projects.

In order to have a clear status of the projects in team meetings or in discussions with superiors, a project report can be generated directly from the application and no information, agreements or deadlines are lost. This is not only fast, but also ensures a professional appearance.

Last but not least, you communicate the project results internally within the company. The new brochures are here. This is what our trade fair stand looks like. We have published this technical article. … The colleagues will thank you for it.

This is how Project Reporter brings your marketing projects to success:

  • Simple, standardized project report
  • Project information, prices, agreements and decisions
  • Traffic light status for a quick overview
  • Integration of communication on the project report (conversations, notes, internal comments)
  • Overview of all tasks
  • Transparency to all projects


Which application do you need? Find out which Business App Solution suits you or create a completely individual solution for your business.