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Cyber-attacks, the carelessness of your colleagues, lost or stolen devices: the risks for confidential business data are lurking everywhere. Data security is today the be all and end all. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your data or customer data. The security threats in the age of the cloud and mobile computing are ever more complex. Data protection and data security are more than ever in the foreground.

Survey provides clear evidence

The majority of German businesses – 60% – believe that they are not adequately protected against data theft, business espionage or acts of sabotage. This comes from a representative survey of 1,074 security experts working in those businesses, undertaken on behalf of Bitkom, a national association for digital technologies.

„the digitalization and networking of the whole economy provides new opportunities for cybercrimals“, ”, said Bitkom chief executive Dr. Bernhard Rohleder. “Businesses must invest more in technical and organizational data security.“

Therefore it’s important to develop an extensive security structure.

Play it safe!!

Secure yourself and your data – with roles which specify which data your co-workers can see and process. Clear hierarchies and access rights provde a structured approach to data security for co-workers, for subsidiaries and national companies. With Business App security is guaranteed against both internal and external attacks.
Secure access is also possibe for freelance employees and business partners. From the simple permissions through to the comprehensive rights structures, you can provide the optimal security for all your business data. Read and edit rights apply right down to individual records.

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