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We can no longer imagine doing business without emails. Every day several million are sent and received. This means it is easy to lose sight of important information. Activities with your customers, partners and co-workers don’t work as well as they should, if at all.

40% of working time is wasted on searching emails

The problem is well-known: time runs through your fingers and before you know it another working day is done. Every day there are tasks, deadlines and important discussions which must be well-organized in order to be successfully concluded.

Sales opportunities are the basis of success for most businesses seen for example in the form of yearly turnover, and they are therefore one of the main pillars of the business structure.

But what if, just before an important meeting, you can’t find an address or other essential information in the chaos of your emails.
Or if a key deadline cannot be met, because your co-worker has no overview of the activities and can’t lay his hands on the relevant emails?

In this way you lose several hours a day just searching for emails with important customer data, contracts etc, and this increases the risk that sales opportunities, tenders or orders won’t be followed through successfully.

Many businesses believe in having an application which integrates e-mail functionality, and which provides them with an overview of everything which is important, thereby allowing more time to concentrate on the things that matter.

Perfect: emails accessible with a single click from your application

Store important emails from Outlook with single-click technology from Business App. Important data such as activities, article numbers or product data can be seen in advance in Outlook, so you are well-informed and prepared.

Business App provides you with the necessary overview and supports you in securing the success of your business.

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