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Future-oriented Business Applications for all Business Sectors:

Numerous companies worldwide generate annual billions of sales. In Germany alone, there are strong sectors such as retailing with 358 billion, the automotive industry with 308 billion, and the energy sector with 212 billion.
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Sellings or targetes of this kind need certain cornerstones to be able to act on the market. Every company tries to know the market and its customers. They gather and store all possible information. What do I have to offer my customers? How do I make my processes more efficient? How can I gain market shares?

All departments deal indirectly or directly with these questions. Futhermore each industry has individual needs and tasks.

For example:

Industry & Manufacturing

• Device and machine management
• Overview of maintenance, maintenance and disposition of machines or similar
• Reports for analyzes and reports

Real Estate

• Creation and management of new and existing objects
• Correspondence with tenants, buyers, owners
• Damage management


• Event organization and participant management
• Advice and support
• Building management

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In order to be able to implement all these tasks and processes, one of the most decisive pillars of operating success is business software, which supports the company and employees in all processes. But often it is not just a system that must be used in everyday work. Often, it is a chain of many systems and applications that need to work in parallel and smoothly.

Due to ever-growing technologies and the increasing demands of the market, a developed and future-oriented business software is essential as a stable support.

How do I make Software fast and easy for the future?

Easy to use with Business App: thanks to the application designer with an integrated framework, you can adapt your system to the needs of the market and your customers.

Regardless of whether trade, mechanical engineering or pharmacy – Business App creates the freedom to incorporate branch-specific requirements and cover them.

In order to link all necessary applications with the business software, various interfaces to other necessary systems can be set up quickly and easily. For this purpose, multilingualism allows e.g. At international locations, to provide employees with all necessary information in the desired language.

In which industry are you active? Learn how Business App has the right thing for you.