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HR management – the key to success

What exactly is HR management?

Human resources management is the modern term for personnel management. Why everyone is now talking about HR management and not about personnel management can be explained by the terminology.

The use of the term resource underlines the importance of the employee for the company. The primary objective is, to provide the company with the human resources that are needed to cope with all its entrepreneurial tasks. In Planning the difficulty is, to take equal account of the balance of operational and employee interests. This already indicates that personnel management in every company is highly individual. Every company must find its way to successfully attract and develop employees.

Experiment failed – or not?

If you look at the history of personnel management, until 1930 human beings were primarily regarded as machines and a worker was led accordingly. Only the so-called lighting experiment drew attention to the fact, that the employee is a socially active being with his own interests. The main objective of the experiment was originally to find out, how the lighting of a room affects the working methods of the employees. By the way, an enormously important insight was gained. The working groups that were told, that they were part of an experiment, worked more intensively than those, who were not informed. Conclusion: Paying attention to the employee and making his importance for something clear, is the most important factor for increasing employee satisfaction and thus also productivity.

HR management – what is the problem?

The sentence “If Siemens knew what Siemens knows” reveals the difficulty of HR management. Every single employee brings knowledge and experience. It is the company’s most important resource. Promoting it and exploiting its potential should be at the top of the agenda. But the larger the company, the more difficult it becomes to deploy and support each individual optimally. Long communication channels and inadequate structures often prevent the ideal use of skills and abilities. Even with the support of certain software, limits often quickly become apparent. Especially in the area of HR management, every company works with highly individual processes and often does not have enough possibilities for adaptation with standard software.

What is the solution?

The success of your company depends on the skills of your employees. And what their goals are. For the digital future, they need completely new skills and abilities. Strategic personnel development and corresponding management methods are crucial to success. How do you make your goals the goals of your employees? And how do you continuously develop your employees?

Developing employees means supporting and challenging them. Qualified personnel development ensures the economic success of your company. With the Talent Manager you can optimally deploy your employees and promote their development. The perfect basis for modern human resource management.
The Talent Manager is the perfect application to solve the challenges of modern HR management. Simple and company-wide usable, it raises personnel development and management to a new level.