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Less is more – better work in less time

Productivity is still a central issue in the economy. Business processes are put to the test and scaled down in order to achieve more in less time with the same resources, in short, to become more productive.

But what is the key to productivity?

And why should companies increase their productivity?

Rocket launch for your productivity!

The lever to increase productivity

Productivity is a central approach to ensure and improve the competitiveness of a company in the long term. It is becoming more and more important to save costs and to generate fast implementation of market requirements. Through higher productivity, employees want to be able to leave work early, have less time pressure or a steeper career path. The key to productivity lies in saving time. The faster one task is completed, the more time is left for the next one. An increase in this factor almost inevitably leads to higher profits. For this reason, increasing productivity is a central task of every company management and requires great attention. However, this is more difficult to implement than expected.

The productivity killers

A common problem in increasing productivity is that more and more people find it difficult to set priorities correctly. Phone calls, meetings and constantly new e-mails: it is not easy to concentrate on all these tasks without losing sight of the essential to-do list. This is because developers in particular often struggle with the problem that they overestimate their assessment of the complexity of a feature and spend significantly more time on it than originally expected. Companies and employees alike suffer from these productivity killers. So how can an increase in productivity lead to a reduction in working hours?

Increased productivity with the right tool

An important driving force for increasing productivity is the low code platform “Business App”. It is the optimal support on the way to more productivity. The modular system allows the user a new way to work creatively and individually without having to write code (= low code principle). The simple organization of business processes makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently by hiding or postponing distractions or outsourcing work completely. In this way, potential can be recognized immediately, resources can be managed more efficiently and deadlines can be met even during peak periods. In addition, the technical support leads to more transparency in company management, which in turn has a positive effect on employee productivity. This leads to an improvement of the working atmosphere and ultimately to motivated employees and satisfied customers.