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Use the kit for software construction to build applications yourself easily!

With the Business App Low-Code Platform, you create applications that fit your needs exactly.

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Business App: The unique all-in-one construction kit

With this low-code platform, you work according to the principle of configuring instead of programming.
You can create business applications without any effort, saving 75% of your valuable time.
Due to constantly changing requirements indispensable for own competitiveness.

The Business App development platform bundles the latest technologies for automating development, testing, versioning, build and deployment under one roof.

It enables you to implement requirements within the shortest possible time and with high quality.

Instead of writing elaborate code, new applications are assembled using the modular principle.

This is another thing that is absolutely unique about Business App: the development builds on already finished application scenarios. Instead of writing elaborate code, new applications are assembled using the modular principle.

The first functional prototypes are thus created and ready for use in just a few minutes. Includes authentication, scalability, multi-user operation and multi-language support.

If required, the low-code platform can be easily extended with your own code.

Business App architectural graphic

What do I get as a user from the construction kit for software?

With the low-code platform, which works like a construction kit, anyone can create their own applications. Englisch (US) The construction kit is an enormous relief in everyday life for users. With the low-code platform, which works like a construction kit, anyone can create their own applications. Simple operability eliminates the need for time-consuming training. Everything is intuitively accessible with just a few clicks. This saves time and costs, ensures high acceptance and higher motivation – and that increases sales!

Working with top performance

Decent speed even with millions of records. Whether you are searching, filtering or sorting. Use your time effectively.

Operating system independent

Business app applications require only a modern HTML5 browser and are independent of the operating system. This provides important information for everyone, even when different systems are in use.

Open interfaces

Data from various applications can be easily integrated, e.g. with ODATA or REST. This way you avoid duplication and use information exactly where you need it.

Productive with multi-tab

Finally, you can also work on different operations in parallel for web applications in multiple windows. This saves many clicks!

Optimal for lazy writers

A placeholder replacement is integrated in all serial or single letters. Create templates only once and individual letters will be professionally generated in seconds in the future.

Seamless integration

Work with your usual Microsoft Office, e.g. when creating letters or form letters. This way you can find your way around easily immediately.

The Business App function blocks
for easy implementation of your application

Finished contact management

Use people data easily. This way you always keep track of your business contacts. (Click on the image to enlarge).

Business app_company_overview_list

Calendar for groups, people & objects

Clearly organize your own and other people’s appointments in the group calendar. With synchronization to Outlook. Finally an overview of who has which appointments. (Click on the image to enlarge).


Use email in applications

File important emails directly from your Outlook to the application using 1-click technology. View important data of your application in Outlook beforehand. Even create and send emails (or serial mailings) from your application. This prevents time-consuming email chaos and you know exactly what is going on. (Click on the image to enlarge).


User settings self-determined

Determine the appearance of your application. Be the master of your own data and defaults. Be faster at your destination and use your time better. (Click on the image to enlarge).



Simple individual and serial correspondence

Writing the same letter to 20 or 100 people becomes a breeze. Simple and fast. Save your time for the essentials. (Click on the image to enlarge).


screens provide the best overview

Data records can be displayed column-oriented. With powerful search, filter and grouping functions. So you get views tailored to your needs. (Click on the image to enlarge).

Business app_company_overview_list


Navigation controls

Create clear menus yourself with exactly the actions that are needed. Save time in your daily work. (Click on the image to enlarge).


Tables give structure

Desired data can be organized in tables in a meaningful way. Add data type and rules easily. This is how easy it is to link desired information. (Click on the image to enlarge).


Mask shows individually important data

You determine which fields are displayed where. Incl. Grouping and relationships. No redundant information. Means the view is free for the important. (Click on the image to enlarge).


Dashboards for everything important

Informing and analyzing becomes absolutely easy for everyone – even with the integration of external data sources. Fast results enable fast decisions. (Click on the image to enlarge).


Business App Release 4.0 on tablet and laptop

More power for the user!

Whether it’s the first basics or more advanced functionalities, you can easily learn how to work with Business App via the End User Guide (in German).

What are the benefits of the construction kit for software configurators and developers?

The dream of all software developers are tried-and-tested modules, easy installation and above all no bugs. The finished modules allow developers to successfully complete projects faster and deliver a stable and error-free application to the customer. Greater satisfaction = stronger customer loyalty!

One-time application designer

Simple drag & drop editor for generating the application. From settings to tables, masks and views to relationships, security and languages. This is how applications can be assembled quickly.

Latest technologies in use

If the designer isn’t enough for you, create your own code 100% flexibly. With C, .Net, MVC, DevExpress, Java Script, Ajax, HTML 5 or CSS 3. Your individual programming can be easily inserted.

Easily create databases

Without SQL knowledge easy changing of data structures, fields, field validations and relations.
Get started immediately without long training.


Many requirements - Many solutions

There are over 50 strong controls in your toolbar. This allows you to do a lot of magic for your users. If it is not enough, then simply create elements yourself.

Pictures say more than 1000 words

Good applications have beautiful talking icons. Choose from over 1,500 professional icons for any occasion and free use.

Save programming time

You create complex relationships between tables in minutes. A comprehensive module for access roles can be integrated with a few lines of code namely with write and read rights down to record levels. Save many months of programming.

User management made easy

Strong user management with Active Directory and Domino integration for each application. Easily create application multilingual and specify selection lists across the application. This makes user management fun.

Inklusive vorgefertigter Anwendungen

Load, customize and launch an existing application. Management of e.g. contacts, machines, correspondences, real estate, contracts and much more. Provide quick solutions and become a business hero!

Multilingual applications a breeze

Whether user interface, selection list or online help: everything can be translated smartly into any number of languages, directly in the application or externally in a table. Terms that are used many times in the application are to be translated only once. After that, they offer themselves.
This allows applications to be rolled out quickly in other countries as well.

What advantages do I have as an administrator of the software construction kit?

Administrators are the first port of call if there are problems. This is a great fade of the problem when there are fewer errors due to stable systems and technologies. In addition, the flexible choices offer the utmost comfort and a great freedom.

Stable, tested system

Your applications run as standard software, tested many times, stable & reliable at all times – even for complex installations. Use more time for the essentials instead of troubleshooting.

Existing standard technology

The iIS web server used is already installed on most devices and users already have the necessary know-how. This makes the installation easier and faster. No additional costs.

Exceptional scalability

Scalability guaranteed, even with lots of data or users. The modular design with web server gives you freedoms that are not always common with others.
This makes growth possible at any time.

Optional cloud or own server

Choose whether you run your applications on your own server (on premise) or in your preferred private or public cloud (e.g. Amazon, Azure, Telekom, Google). A simple change is also possible later.
This is how you ensure operation.

Easily roll out and update your application

With separate storage of standard applications and customizations, new features can be easily distributed across all devices without losing any changes.
Your benefit? Less effort for updates and a uniform version status for users.

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