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.Net Tools help developers to create, develop or manage applications and components. Most .Net Tools are installed automatically with Microsoft’s Visual Studio but there are a few – as Business App – that are not included but bring your software development on the next level.

Purposes of .Net Tools

.Net Tools are used among others for these purposes:

  • Creation and editing of program source code (text editors)
  • Design of graphic user interfaces (special GUI-editors)
  • Translation of source code into executable computer code (compiler, assembler)
  • Testing and troubleshooting (test tools, debugger)
  • Saving and administration of applications and application documents (version management system)

For up- and downstream activities of the software development process additional tools are set in. Those can be tools for data modelling, project or documentation management etc. A general overview of .Net Tools is provided here.
Tools supporting more than one of those disciplines are so-called integrated development environments (IDE).

What is an integrated software environment (IDE)?

An IDE is a software package specialized onto the convenient development of applications. It is an interactive application program packed development environment supporting the developer with development and routine work.
As already mentioned, IDEs include several tools such as text editor, compiler, linker, debugger or a source code formation function. Usually just one coding language is supported but there are IDEs supporting more than one language.

Business App – one of the most hands-on .Net Tools

Business App is one of the newest .Net Tools and provides a backend framework and application designer, as well as ready-to-use elements to configure applications with less development effort. Due to this, developers can focus on the software development because they are relieved from basic development tasks.
For a complete feature overview of the .Net Tool Business App click here.

Business App saves up to 75% development time!