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Privacy Policy for goMobile Pro

We are pleased that you are interested in our products, services, our company and how we handle your data. This declaration contains all the important information on how personal data is collected, processed or used in connection with the goMobile Pro app. The protection of personal data is very important to us, which is why this declaration also deals with the obligations of the user.

1. App Provider

GEDYS IntraWare GmbH, Eigilstraße 2, 36043 Fulda

2. Responsible body

The responsible body within the meaning of the Data Protection Act is the company that allows its employees and/or third parties to access the Business App via app.

3. First Use of the App

The user enters the username and password for access to the business app. These are stored in the protected area of the app. The access data is required to authenticate yourself for the synchronization on the Domino server and to open goMobile Pro quickly without logging in again. Configuration data such as server URL and path are also saved.

4. Persistent use

The data connection takes place between the server of the customer or hosting provider and the app. Depending on the settings of the server and the app, the connection between the app and the server takes place via http (unencrypted) or https (encrypted). If activated, the app stores addresses of the business app in a local database within the app.

Names, search names of companies and names of contacts are transferred to iOS so that you can find them using the iOS Spotlight search and go directly to the address in the app. Names, company names and telephone number(s) are transferred to the operating system to identify callers and stored in an internal database. This is used to display recognized addresses for incoming calls and to display them in the call list. In accordance with the principle of “Privacy by Default” (cf. Art. 25 Para. 2 EU-DSGVO), the user of the app can decide for himself whether he uses these features or not.

Other data is opened within the app in a browser and only processed and stored in the business app on the server.

5. Support Case

The goMobile Pro app does not store any logs and does not send anything to servers on its own. The operating system may store and send crash logs to vendor servers. Google and Apple offer the possibility to evaluate crashes within the developer console. As the developer of the software, GEDYS IntraWare GmbH has no influence on this.

6. Start the app

After starting the app, the saved password is required. On iOS devices, it is also possible to log in using a fingerprint (TouchId), provided this is set up. After logging in, depending on the configuration, the business app is opened in the browser or the local addresses can be searched. The question appears daily as to whether addresses should be updated. The server is contacted and the local database is updated.

7. App Permissions Requested

In order for the app to be able to fully develop its range of functions, permissions are requested from it. These permissions relate to microphones, storage, photos, media and location.

7.1. Microphone, storage, photos, media:
Permissions required to allow uploading of file attachments and business cards. Data is requested through these permissions when the user wants to upload something.

7.2. Location:
Authorization is required for map display, route planning and proximity search. Location is passed on to Geonames.org from the current location when searching for a radius. The map display is generated with Google Maps, where Google processes the location.

8. Privacy Principles

The user/company is responsible for the legal and responsible protection of the data, as no data is transmitted to GEDYS IntraWare GmbH. Which data is processed, used or collected by the app primarily relates to the personal data associated with the business purpose of the company, such as Last name, first name, address and the correspondence associated with this, such as E-mails, visit reports, telephone logs, letters, contracts, etc.

The security technologies used are the responsibility of the users and the company that purchased the app for their employees and/or third parties. GEDYS IntraWare GmbH can only give the recommendation to always align them with the current state of the art. Likewise, the security concepts must be constantly adapted to new findings and renewed. This is necessary to protect the data from theft and misuse. The legal provisions of the EU GDPR and the BDSG (new) should apply.

Personal data may only be collected, processed, used and stored to the extent that the user/company has been authorized to do so.

9. Purpose of Data Collection

The data collected, processed, used and stored with the app is provided by the user. The purpose for which this data is used is the responsibility of the user, his area of responsibility and the business purpose of the company that purchased the app for its employees and/or third parties. GEDYS IntraWare GmbH has no influence on this.

10. Contact Information

In the current version, the goMobile app does not have access to the device’s address book. Contacts are only synchronized from a selected business app instance to an internal database. The user can decide for himself whether the synchronization is activated and choose an instance. This business app instance is then completely synchronized. On iOS devices it is still possible to add addresses to the so-called Spotlight Index. This allows the device’s search to find and open addresses in the goMobile Pro app.

The synchronization of addresses and saving in Spotlight can be switched on and off for the user.

11. Data use by GEDYS IntraWare GmbH

The app communicates exclusively between the mobile device and the server at the user’s company or hosting provider.

If the server is located at the user’s company or if GEDYS IntraWare is not the hosting provider, GEDYS IntraWare GmbH has no way of reading and/or evaluating (tracking) personal data, usage data, transaction data or correspondence content from the mobile device through the app. This data is also not transmitted to GEDYS IntraWare GmbH.

If GEDYS IntraWare GmbH is the hosting provider, a separate agreement must be made in addition to an AV contract in accordance with Art. 28 EU-DSGVO, which replaces or supplements this declaration.
The user of the app does not have to transmit his personal data to GEDYS IntraWare GmbH to use the same, unless he is commissioned with the commercial or business-related introduction of the app in his company.

12. Use of Third Party Services

Some functions within the app use external data services. As described in the license terms, you will find below a list of these data services including a description of the information transmitted to the respective data service and retrieved and stored by the respective data service. Services that transmit personal data to third parties are the responsibility of the user of the app and are only transmitted to third parties through their active actions.

12.1. Google Maps
Google Maps (https://www.google.com/intx/en_uk/work/mapseath/) for route planning and map displays
Terms and Conditions: http://www.google.com/policies/terms/
Privacy Policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

12.2. geocoding
Transfer to service:
Address data of the respective address but no name, language of the user
Received from service:
The geodata of the address. These are not stored persistently.

12.3. reverse geocoding
for the radius search to determine the address of the current location.
Transfer to service:
The geodata of the current location and the language of the user
Received from service:
zip code and the country

12.4. Geonames
Geonames (http://www.geonames.org/) for proximity searches
Licensing: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Transfer to service:
ZIP code, country code, radius, user name, maximum number of returned data
Received from service:
The postcodes are processed from the result.

12.5. ABBY
ABBY (http://ocrsdk.com/) for business card scanning
Terms and Conditions: www.abbyy.com/Legal/
Privacy Policy: http://www.abbyy.com/privacy/
Developer Agreement: https://cloud.ocrsdk.com/Account/DisplayDeveloperAgreement
Transfer to service:
Access data, control parameters and the photo of the business card.
Received from service
XML file with all recognized texts of the business card.

12.6. Sentry
Sentry (www.sentry.io) for detecting and evaluating errors
Terms and Conditions: https://sentry.io/terms/
Privacy Policy: https://sentry.io/privacy/
Security & Compliance: https://sentry.io/security/

In the configuration of the application, the transmission of errors can optionally be activated. If this function is active, error logs and diagnostic data are sent to GEDYS IntraWare. These error logs are used by the GEDYS IntraWare development to solve problems and improve the product. The function is deactivated by default (privacy by default).

Transfer to service:
IP address, device owner username, CRM installation URL, device and operating system information, app version, error logs, in-app transactions

A transfer of personal data from the address book of the device does not take place.

13. Use of Cookies

For better usability of our app, GEDYS IntraWare GmbH uses the so-called cookie technology. Cookies are defined as small text files that are sent from your server to your smartphone when you use the app and are kept there for later retrieval. Both so-called session cookies (also known as temporary cookies) and cookies that are stored over a longer period of time (also known as persistent cookies) are used.
The cookies are used to continue to be able to identify your smartphone while using the app, but also to determine the end of your use and to recognize the device when you use it again.
You can delete the cookies by deleting the goMobile Pro app from the smartphone.

14. Contact data protection

The DEKRA-certified contact person for data protection issues is Michael Schnitter, Brückenmühle 93, 36100 Petersberg, email: mschnitter@gedys-intraware.de , phone: +49 661 96 42 219.

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