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“Then we just push on”. This is how the six-year shift in the opening date of Berlin Airport began. In the rarest cases, the project control of large projects is completed as it was initially planned. The fact that further ideas, requirements, challenges or interests develop in the course of project implementation is part of intensive project work. The art is not to lose sight of the feasibility.

Project control means planning, monitoring and controlling

The project control consists of three main steps. Planning, monitoring and controlling. But the first step already hides a dilemma. By definition, planning is the mental anticipation of future action. But how come that plans are not respected? How often has BER Airport CEO professor Engelbert Lütke Dalkdrup been asked this question? How can a construction project such as Willy-Brandt-Airport in Berlin be miscalculated by five billion euros and delayed by almost ten years? Planning is more than the definition in the textbooks. Planning is also justification for the costs, time and resources needed for a project. Planning thus becomes the basis of the external image vis-à-vis the stakeholders. No wonder, then, that the interests of the stakeholders are taken into account in the project management and the feasibility of the project is thereby neglected in some places. The effects are evident every day in failed construction projects, delayed opening dates or multiplication of the planned budget.

Project control as a management task

Target-oriented project management is essential for the success of a company. The competition is merciless. Delays or misplaced financing plans can mean the end for a company. This makes project management a management task and must be aligned with the company’s strategy. Companies need to be flexible in this ever-changing market. That is easier said than done. How do you manage it anyway?

Project control made easy

A valuable help is the appropriate software support. These are often missing especially in smaller projects. Frequently, however, common project management tools are too extensive and overwhelm the users. Not everyone who is responsible for a project has a project manager training, let alone the time to deal with escalating tools. With the Project Reporter from Business App, projects can be structured, monitored and controlled simply and clearly.

Manage projects successfully with the Project Reporter

The focus is on concentrating on the essentials and easy coordination with colleagues and supervisors. For each project, the topic, contents, problems, solution options and decisions can be recorded. In addition, tasks, conversations, notes, notifications and related documents can be created. Thus, the responsibility is clearly regulated and the work processes are clearly structured. The automatically generated protocol shows what was done last.

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