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Why responsive elements are indispensable:

At least since Google punished non-responsive websites with juicy penalties, it should be clear to everyone: websites and web-based applications are no longer made without responsive web design.
We have conducted a small survey among our customers about mobile computing. Here, the picture confirms: approximately 92% of all respondents stated that they need their Smartphone or Tablet for their daily work. For example, for the documentation of customer visits, both in sales and in services. And that’s not all, that people want to do on the go: they need to share calendars and tasks, plan tours, release workflows, share product information, enter orders, evaluate analyses etc. Responsiveness becomes more and more relevant across applications for all areas.

What does that mean for Software Development?

All elements of an application such as navigation, masks, page columns, fields, buttons, tab, etc. must always be touch-optimized for display on various devices. For development that previously meant: test, test, test and curse if something did not work on a specific device, then correct the error, test again, curse again etc. Developers can spend many hours on responsiveness – it is a hard nut to crack. To ensure that everything works perfectly, is almost not feasible at a reasonable effort and cost.

How can we facilitate this?

Sure, there are a variety of tools that facilitate testing. Last but not least is, the built-in Chrome Emulator for Mobile Devices. But these tools only help to detect problems that must be solved in hours of work. Business App saves you a tireade of curses and sore fingers. All elements that Business App delivers are already optimized for display on different devices. Simply create the prototype or the finished application using drag & drop and use it directly on any PC, Smartphone or Tablet. That sounds too good to be true? Try it!