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Service Offers

Benefit from our know-how and top service! We offer:

  • Creation of a prototype in just 5 days including
    a trial period of 30 days
  • Support in creating industry solutions
  • Information about Business App available at any time
  • attractive partner network packages

The starting signal for your digitization

5 days. Zero risk. Immediately usable.

With Business App, you can implement all digital processes quickly and efficiently. We prove it to you.
We will create your prototype in 5 days including installation and instruction.


We clarify your requirements for your desired software at your site or in a video conference.
Service - one day

Workshop Prototype Development

Discuss goals. Create data fields, views, forms directly.
You can see how your application grows.
(approx. 3 days)
Service - one day

Data import and support

We clarify what is still important.
Time to import the first data.
(approx. 1 day)

Installation & Instruction

The application will be installed with your support on your server or in the cloud. Includes user introduction via the web.
(approx. 1 day)
Service - one day


You test, then you decide. Even if it doesn’t fit, you benefit from the learning effect with the prototype. The specifications are also preserved.
(max. 30 days)
Service - Your goals

Finished application

The Prototp fits? Super! We extend the software and deliver a ready-made solution. Agile and professional. So that you can quickly achieve your goals.

Yes, I would like to receive the prototype and learn more about the software!


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Martin Beutel, Sales Manager, Business App bei GEDYS

Martin Beutel

Key Account Manager | Business App Platform
Expert for modular digitalization
of your business processes

FAQ about Business App

Short answers to frequently asked questions about our development platform.

What kind of applications is the .Net Framework optimal for?
  • Management of companies, people, objects, projects, etc.
  • Management of documents of all kinds (letters, e-mails, memos, presentations, flyers, etc.) and file formats of all kinds (e.g. Excel, Word, PPT, PDF, JPEG, PNG)
  • Management of write and reader security control
  • Applications to maintain and optimize over the years
What type of application is the .Net Framework not suitable for?
  • Processing of real-time data (stock prices, machine data, etc.)
  • Applications with a low surface area, which mainly involve complex internal processes (e.g. finance)
  • Visualisation applications (e.g. games, CAD, etc.)
What databases can Business App work with?
  • Microsoft SQL
  • PostgreSQL
Business App Introduction: What's the best way to start?
The base for each implementation is to determine the specific requirements for the system. A workshop with our experienced consultants, at the beginning of your business app project, includes:

  • Determination of the specific requirements for the system
  • Establishing processes and data sources
  • Determination of integration into the existing system landscape
  • Adaptation of target and actual states and the definition of adjustments
How are business applications built by themselves?
Configuration tailors the software to your specific business processes. Our specialists implement business app with your individual settings, based on the results of the workshop. Whether your own data structure, masks, fields, validation, etc. – through the configuration, your software is perfectly set up for operation.
Is it feasible to map specific processes in your own business applications?
Yes. With the finished Business App Function Blocks, you can save many man days in development. If you need even more features, our developers offer you individual solutions based on our know-how of more than 25 years of development. With your customized software solution, you gain productivity, flexibility and cost advantages.
How are projects optimally implemented?
Good project management helps to monitor and successfully implement the costs, time and quality of a project. Many projects fail because of a lack of proper structure and communication, on which 90% of the project’s success is based. Our experienced project managers have successfully realized more than 3,600 projects. They support technical concept development, detailed technical specifications and quality management. Our specialists have expertise in a wide range of industries such as automotive, manufacturing, banks, associations and associations or services.
How can employees be enthusiastic about the new software?
The main success factors for your IT investments are trained and motivated employees. A good education guarantees a fast ROI for the introduction of your new software. We offer tailor-made training for your successful start and intensive training for your own business application.
Your question has not been answered?
If you need help with other topics, please contact our support.

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