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Which Business Applications do you want to build?

Discuss with us your ideas for a Business Application. We advise you how this can be implemented and how its can be integrated in your IT environment.


Which industry solution would you like to realize for your customers?

We are interested in a partnership with you. Let us talk about how you can successfully do business with Business App and inspire your customers.

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5 days – no risk with minimal investment – immediately usable

With Business App, you can implement all digital processes quickly and efficiently. We can prove it to you.
In 5 days, we will jointly create your first Business Application including installation and instruction.

Service - three days

Create business application

First we talk about your targets. Then we create the data fields, views, forms, and navigation directly on the screen. Up to 3 days. You’ll see how your application grows.

Service - one day


Our homework: Up to one day we can clarify everything what is still important to you. E.g. Simple data import or technical questions.

Service - one day

Installation & instruction

We discuss the database and infrastructure with you. The application, based on Business App, will installed with your active support – on your server or in the cloud. Professional user instruction included.

Service - your start

Free 30 days trial

You are free to use your application for 30 days. After that you decide. Only if you like the individual Business App, you buy the licenses. No licensing risk and only a small 5-day investment.

Service - your targets


So it goes on. You will plan to extension of your prototype. And you implement new features independently. Or with us.

Great idea. I’m interested.

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+49 661 9642 - 0

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FAQs to Business App

The way how you realize your business applications quickly and purposefully.

For which kind of Application is the .Net Framework optimal?
  • Management of companies, people, objects, projects etc.
  • Management of documents of all kinds (letters, emails, memos, presentations, flyers, etc.) and file formats of all types (for example, Excel, Word, PPT, PDF, JPEG, PNG)
  • Managing writer and reader security control
  • Applications which should be maintain and adapt optimally over years
For which kind of application is the .Net Framework not optimal?
  • Processing of real-time data (stock quotes, machine data, etc.)
  • Applications with little surface, which mainly includes complex internal processes (for example: Financial Accounting)
  • Applications concerning visualization (for example: games, CAD, etc.)
Which kind of data sources can Business App work with?
Business App can work with 14 Databases, and we’re constantly adding new ones.

  • Microsoft SQL Server / auch CE
  • Microsoft Access
  • Advantage Database Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Firebird Database Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Anywhere
  • Pervasive
  • SQLite
  • Sybase

Select your favorite Database!

Can I change the data sources later?
With a simple conversion, you can switch at any time to a different Database.
Can I get involved as a Partner?
If you are interested in a partnership (Tip Provider, Advanced and Premium), please send us a partnership request and you will receive further information. More detailed information about the individual partner levels can be found here: “Our partner network”
How can we get started with Business App?
The basis for each implementation is to determine the specific requirements for the system. A workshop with our experienced consultants at the beginning of your Business Application project:

  • Determining the specific requirements for the system
  • Inventory of processes & data sources
  • Determination of integration into the existing system landscape
  • Adjustment of target and actual states and a definition of adjustments
Can I even create my Business Application myself?
By configuration, the software is tailored to your specific business processes. Our top consultants implement Business App with your individual settings based on the results of the workshop. Whether your own data structure, masks, fields, validation etc. – by configuration your software is perfectly set up for the operation.
We want to map specific processes in our Business Application. Is it that simple?
With Business App ready-to-use modules you can do this saving man-days of development. If you need even more options, our developers provide you with individual functions, based on their know-how of more than 25 years development. With your customized software solution you gain productivity, flexibility and cost advantages.
How can we implement our Project best?
A good projectmanagement helps to monitor the cost, the time and the quality of a project and to lead it successfully. Many projects fail because of a lack of proper structure and communication, upon which 90% of the success of the project relies. Our experienced project managers have successfully implemented more than 3,600 projects. They assist in the technical concept development, detailed technical specifications and quality management. Our specialists have expertise in a variety of industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing Industry, Banks, Associations and Clubs or Services.
How can we inspire our employees?
Key success factors for your IT investment are trained and motivated employees. Good education guarantees a quick ROI for the introduction of your new software. We provide you with tailor-made training for your successful launch and in-depth training of your Business Application, all around the world.
Your question has not been answered?
Please, contact our support, if you need help to specific subjects.


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