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When was the last time you played a game?
Some do so in adulthood, be it with children or with friends.
Why do we like to play so much?
Playing is fun. A game takes full attention and takes us on an exciting journey. The most common emotions are astonishment, awe and curiosity. Would not it be great to experience these emotions at work?
How this works with a software kit explains the following blog post.
Software kit

Working less – playing more

Work can be frustrating at times. If everything goes differently again, than desired. If one can not grasp the result of his work.
Or if everything takes longer than our patience will suffice.
For all those who are involved in software development, there is good news:
The work can also be fun and carry us away, like a good game.

How’s that?

Just puzzle

Quite simply, the Software kit Business App has set itself the goal of making fun for its users. Instead of filling long days with complicated codeing, desired applications can be dragged and dropped at will. Composed from the kit. Like a puzzle. But it is not about puzzling on an empty surface.
The good: 80% of the puzzle has already been solved. So the overall picture is much faster to see. Everything is simple and intuitive. Once you understand the principle, you will soon be creating the greatest database applications.

And what exactly is fun about it?

Anyone who has a hobby of making something will understand that.
You can fiddle, experiment a bit here and there and immediately see the result of your work. And that’s good…
This is still very abstract, can we make it a bit more accurate?

Work becomes a game with a software kit

You can build everything that you need for your application with the software kit:
First the tables, then selection lists, then the navigation and finally views and masks. And the application is done. Not more, not less.

The base application already has a ready-made template (a so-called solution) that lets you create many great applications without starting at zero.

It should become a supplier database?
Then simply start with the area “contact management” and add some or rename the desired fields and let’s see if the colleagues already want to play with it.

Or it should be a tool for managing machines?
No problem. Simply use the predefined “objects” and individualize it. No programming is needed for this. In addition to tables, masks, views, navigation and co can be quickly adapted to the desired scenario using drag and drop.

You want to manage meeting minutes and forms?
Also no problem. With the ready-to-use call logs or notes, information can be captured quickly.

Work and fun – does it belong together?

And all doubters who wonder why work should be fun, is said:
The best result is provided by motivated employees. But what motivates their motivation?
In addition to a positive environment and recognition just the fun.

You want more fun at work? Watch the demo

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