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Software Prototypes are a not to be underestimated success factor for successful applications. All experienced craftsmen and engineers create prototypes of their work before they build anything: architects create paper models or virtual reality tools. Software and web designers create Software Prototypes of how users interact with their designs. Now there is a tool that revolutionizes software prototyping.
Software Prototyping

Do you actually need Software Prototypes?

Software Prototypes, together with subsequent usability testing, is an integral part of a user-centered design process. Software prototyping creates a design as the first version of a product through an agile approach. This design serves for the early visualization and iterative optimization of a user interface and its interaction possibilities. In this process, all project participants, such as usability experts, designers, developers and customers right down to the actual users are involved. In this way, early feedback can be obtained to correct and improve concepts, resulting in a user-friendly, optimal application. Yes, you need Software Prototypes.

What benefits do Software Prototypes have?

A key feature in the development of a prototype is that valuable time and resources can be saved. Because a prototype makes it possible to obtain early feedback from the client (s) and to ensure the desired functionality. Ease of use and design problems are quickly found and turned off before making significant investments.

Internal project participants also benefit from the advantages of Software Prototypes. Not only does this guarantee the same idea of ​​the system to be developed, it also encourages collaboration and makes the team more efficient overall.

Software Prototypes can also be very helpful with pitches. Especially with very skeptical and questioning customers, prototypes can lead to the profit of the pitch. Experiencing interactions from a website or app helps and convinces customers more than a simple description in the form of a concept booklet or a few mockups with notes.

The high art of creating Software Prototypes

The challenge in prototype production is not to spend too much time in the prototypes, as this only has a design character. It should be clearly defined which user problems should be solved or which tasks should be improved with the design in the Software Prototypes. In addition, you risk creating features or features that can not be implemented later, so blasting the time and budget constraints seems inevitable.
So how do you create efficient prototypes without producing code for the ton?

The secret of creating Software Prototypes revolutionary fast

The low-code platform “Business App” offers a completely new approach to create Software Prototypes fast and easily: With the Business App Kit, concrete ideas and concepts can be converted individually, within hours and without programming knowledge, into working applications without having to write any code (= Low code principle).
The kit provides ready-made elements that are easy to assemble into business applications of all kinds. Even completely individual tables, masks, views and relations are created with just a few clicks and assembled into functional prototypes. Change requests are also built in with just a few clicks and can be tested immediately for everyone without writing a single line of code. Thus, the prototype gradually becomes the final application without wasting resources and time.
Faster prototyping – try it now!