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Overview of the business app release versions included

  • Release presentation via video
  • System Requirements
  • Free downloads of the release notes

Release 6.0

New features for configuring cloud-enabled solutions with modern UX

  • More functions for the implementation of complex applications around data sets with attachments
  • easy integration of external data sources via widgets and Rest-API
  • Fast search results through integration of the latest releases of the OpenSearch 2.x and ElasticSearch 8.x search servers
  • modern, quick to grasp app home page with user-defined settings

More to come on What’s New: Business App Release 6.0

Release 5.0

New concepts and functions for update capability, data security and data usage on mobile devices.

  • Facilitating the update capability of applications through sub-masks (subforms)
  • Greater data security with extensive recycle bin and delete functions
  • Easier data maintenance via bulk processing for any fields in data records
  • Target group-oriented work with mobile apps via individual mask configuration & optimized search

Learn more on What’s New: Business App Release 5.0

Release 4.0

Introduction of the new powerful search function as well as improved appointment, project and workflow management.

  • Faster work with the search across all data on the start page and in the top navigation
  • Support from the type-ahead function and suggestion list as soon as you enter a search term
  • Simplification of navigation through the list of recent data
  • Time-saving work via type-ahead functions, also in relation fields and relation selection

Learn more at What’s New: Business App Release 4.0

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