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The starting point for the development of new applications or systems is determined by various needs.
These needs are often clear, since in the course of a normal working day there are a number of working steps and processes which are laborious or time-consuming to implement. After undertaking needs analysis these can be collected and they then form the basis of a number of criteria and software requirements.
However many businesses face these problems without really knowing what they actually need and what a system could do for them and what would change.
Therefore it is essential at the beginning of the process to develop a clear and consistent requirements specification. That is then the basis for a successful development process.

Splitting software requirements into two categories

Functional software requirements

  • All functions and processes, which the system should fulfil (e.g. modifiability, appropriate representation of information, input forms etc.)

Non-functional software requirements

This concerns the general conditions for the desired system and here can be stated what the system should be capable of doing.

  • Software requirements: these come directly from the requirements which the users would like to have (e.g. contact management, mass mailings, meaningful reports etc.)
  • process requirements: here the development process can be described (development period, programming language etc.)
  • external requirements: these include for example important factors such as cost and other contractual aspects.

Following this the development process can begin, however this could become very time-consuming and most businesses and IT managers would like to have a cheap and quick solution which provides the necessary business applications.

And here’s how you can fulfil that wish

The ready-to-run modules in Business App, Objects and Elements, are just right for a quick and cost-effective development. Business App is a combination of the .Net framework and Application Designer, and offers a quick route to fully functional business application development for the web and for Windows. Whether it’s for marketing, sales, HR, finance and accounting, R&D, services, support, purchasing, or project management – Business App allows you to create the necessary applications through a simple configuration process.
This means you can turn your ideas and creativity into futureproof modern applications, which can only mean an improvement to the way you do business.

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