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Software bugs are just making life hard for developers: it all begins with the eternal search for the offender. If you didn’t write the code on your own, you have to fight through the jungle like Mowgli once did. Software bugs are often due to minimal misentrys, and that is what makes debugging so time-consuming.
After several peeves and a total damage, the bug is finally found and fixed.
What effects software bugs can have and how should they be avoided from the outset?
Softwarefehler minimieren

Small software bugs. Great impacts.

Some of the world’s famous disasters can be traced back to software bugs, as the following examples show:
A sign error had an acrobatic effect on the US computer-controlled fighter aircraft F-16. The software bug was noticeable during overflying the equator: the F-16 turned upside down for no apparent reason…

Or this one: A supposedly open air valve at the USS Yorktown paralyzed the entire ship in 1997. The attempt to fix the software bug caused the entire drive system to fail. After the one billion dollar expensive ship was towed, the error could be fixed in the port. These examples show very clearly how fatal software bugs can be.

Software buga in daily work – this could be expensive.

In everyday business they all annoy us in a variety of ways. Users become frustrated if software bugs make their work more hard instead of easier. In the last resort bugs can ensure that entire departments can‘t work for hours. Understandable, if soon no one has any more desire to use the appropriate applications. Aside from that, software bugs can be expensive for companies.

Avoid software bugs – the secret weapon.

You shouldn’t let that happen. The future secret weapon against software bugs is the following one: modular software. The new construction kit for business applications Business App offers the solution for the previous one or another sleepless night.
Applications can be configured simply by drag and drop from tested building blocks.
That means: there is no code needed to build these applications so that software bugs will no longer have a chance. And our precious time is saved in a variety of ways: when creating new applications (no logical problems, not testing the code) and using them in the enterprise (no annoying delays or failures). Sounds to good to be true? Have a look.
Goodbye software bugs.