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Address Manager

The flexible basic module for your new business applications.

  • Management of companies, people, objects and documents
  • including the most common tasks such as notes, conversations, tasks,
    Emails and letters
  • Efficient management of large amounts of data
  • versatile (Multi Use Case Concept)
  • Easy adaptability / extensibility
Project report

How do you quickly get to a business application that fits your needs?

If you are looking for an application, you have already asked yourself this question. And you already know about the drawbacks of ready-made business applications:

  • They are often too complex and too expensive
  • They don’t fit your needs
  • Adjustments mean a lot of effort
  • The implementation of your requirements takes too long

Business App delivers your desired solution quickly and efficiently! How?

The answer: With business applications from the modular system!

WordPress has done it: a building block for websites, with which everyone can build their own website in no time. And without any code. With brilliant templates that can be quickly adapted to your own needs.

This is now also available for business applications:

Business App is one of the simplest and most innovative kits for business software. You can use drag and drop your applications to create graphical interfaces without any programming knowledge.

What the Address Manager module brings:

  • Address management:
    Companies and persons with address and contact details (e.g. for customers, suppliers, partners, supervisors)
  • Quick detection and automatic postcode/location assignment
  • Illustration of relationships between accounts and contacts
  • Document
    (e.g. for contracts, manuals, advertising media, videos)
  • Serial correspondence
  • Delegate
    (e.g. vehicles, inventory, machines, licenses, software environments)
  • Filter, note, inform function
  • Collective folder
  • Resubmissions
    and calendar with my open resubmissions, reminders for resubmissions
  • Opportunities
    including phases and checklists, forecast view, quotation creation
  • MS Office integration
    e.g. for letters and tables
  • Templates
    for letters, emails, visit reports or phone notes
  • Email function
  • Workflows
  • Reports
    including graphic representation
  • Data import and export to CSV, XLS, PDF
  • Duplicate search and editing
  • Simple translatability/multilingualism
  • User management
    with comprehensive rights and role management
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Experience the Address Manager in the video:

Business App Business Applications Video, GEDYS-IntraWare

More videos can be found on our Business App YouTube channel

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