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The Business App solution for target group-specific
analysis & visualization of your company data

  • Quickly recognize positive & negative developments through the presentation of complex business figures & performance indicators
  • Make well-founded decisions more easily based on integrated data (e.g. from ERP, CRM, data warehouse)
  • Create further analyzes using the drill-down function

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Business App Dashboard Sales Opportunities on Laptop and Tablet

Dashboards – with well-visualized data, you capture the situation at a glance

People and machines generate a lot of data in a company every day, not only in customer relationship management. Without processing the mass of data, it is difficult to quickly identify connections or disruptions. Create optimal dashboards for every department and for every requirement. To do this, Business App Dashboards connects your different data sources, displays the data in relation and graphically for analysis.

Business App Dashboard for customer structure

For example: Do you want to find out more about the customer structure of your company? A dashboard for the company overview provides you with detailed information. Among other things, this gives you insights into the geographic distribution of your customers.

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In many companies, the forecast and the associated sales opportunities are the linchpin for evaluations and dedicated considerations. To do this, let all the data from the opportunities flow into a dashboard.

You will get answers to:

  • How high is the total turnover in a defined period of time?
  • Which employee achieved what turnover?
  • What sales can be expected from employees in the future?

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Opportunity Business App Dashboard
For insights from other areas, link your dashboard to other data sources. e.g. B. from production. For optimal customer management, integrate dashboards as a sidebar directly to the company data record, such as in the Customer Manager . You will immediately receive information about the status of customer support and about past and future sales that you will make with this company.

View your data from different perspectives!

With Business App Dashboards you get a variety of functions for differentiated viewing. With a click on a graphic element, all other charts adapt dynamically. Business App Dashboards provides you with various approaches to answer your questions. Design your graphics so that you can assess the situation at a glance.

Business App Dashboards video splash screen
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  • zoom in different time periods
  • Various filters to limit: The graphics adapt to the selection
  • after a selection, the grand total updates accordingly
  • Drill-down functions for further analysis into the depth of the data
  • Hyperlinks for calling up the associated data set
  • Search and maximize the graphics for support
  • Target-actual difference as an important point of reference for intervening in a controlling manner
  • modern output formats e.g. as reports to external partners

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Good reasons to use Dashboards

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Fast reactions
Recognize connections or faults at a glance and take appropriate meares immediately

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Speed

Different perspectives
Various selection options can be used for a differentiated view, e.g. filters, time periods or target/actual differences

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Rights Concept

Full control
e.g. for sales of generated & future sales from sales opportunities

Icon target

​Optimization according to requirements
suitable dashboards for each department by connecting different data sources

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Scalability

Automated reports
create and send regular reports to internal or external partners

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​User management
with comprehensive rights and role management, regulates access and creates security

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