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Tailor-made software for digital machine management allows customers and manufacturers to benefit:

Many machine manufacturers or manufacturing companies with large machinery companies are struggling with their management. Digital machine management is often about service optimization and customer satisfaction and maintenance, because the expectation of fast and competent service is high, especially in the B2B sector. On the other hand, it is a question of the clear, internal organisation of documents, maintenance and, if necessary, repairs.

For small companies, an Excel list may still be sufficient for this, but from a certain number of machines the effort becomes enormous and the clarity is lost. Digital machine management often provides a remedy for this. But what exactly can be improved by this?

Examples of applications for digital machine management in industry:

As a manufacturing company, for example, you manage your machines easily and clearly. In addition to contact details from manufacturers, dealers or service points, you can include all information about individual machines, such as machine master data, purchase data, warranties, repairs or maintenance appointments, as well as upload additional files or images.

Machine and plant manufacturers do not only use digital machine management to maintain machine data. It’s much more about collecting customer service data and retrieving it quickly, reviewing repairs and spare parts requirements, or selecting the right service personnel for the machine. Calculations and quotations about investments or machines are also created. In addition, all related documents can be stored transparently in one central location and for all parties involved.


A suitable software can help in many places:

  • Filter functions help with information searches, such as “Which machines need to be serviced next?” or when contacting customer groups that are owned by a particular machine for which there are new offers or information
  • Process automation saves resources and optimizes service. The easy retrieval of information and the quick response to service requests ensures professionalism and competence towards the customer
  • The digital management of production machines facilitates the overview of maintenance, the maintenance of previous repairs and consequently also the cost calculation and investment planning

From service request to satisfied customer:

1. Service request from the customer Machine XY is not working properly.
2. Finding the right staff In the application, the personnel is filtered according to the competence for machine XY, availability and travel route. The appropriate employee is selected and sent to the customer.
3. Service employee is on site at the customer’s premises The problem is detected. The necessary repair steps and spare parts requirements are passed on by the service employee.
4. Calculation and quotation creation The data specified by the service representative is evaluated and calculated. The quote is created and sent by e-mail to the customer.
5. Invoice and Documentation After successful repair, the invoice is created and sent to the customer. Finally, the service usage is documented in the customer’s history.

What features do you need in your application? Find out what business app offers for you and discover the individual software development for your business.