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Tailor-made personnel services

You are in need of a software solution that supports you in a simple and uncomplicated way as personnel recuiter? Read here how to find the right personnel at the right time with Business App.

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No-code vs. low-code platform

Today's duel in the ring: No-code vs. low-code platform! After the low-code platform has become more and more popular with companies and developers, a new word is now appearing in the scene. No code applications. What is behind this term? And is it...

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HR management - the key to success What exactly is HR management? Human resources management is the modern term for personnel management. Why everyone is now talking about HR management and not about personnel management can be explained by the...

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Software kit

Why do we like to play so much?
Playing is fun. A game takes full attention and takes us on an exciting journey. The most common emotions are astonishment, awe and curiosity. Would not it be great to experience these emotions at work?

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Reference Stories

Satisfied customers are the best advertisement and the best protection against competitors. If your customers are satisfied, everyone should know that. With good reference selling, you can generate new prospects, convert leads to customers and retain customers. How to use Reference Selling, read here!

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Low Code Platform – What is it and what do you need it for?

A low code platform is a software development environment that uses graphical editors to build an application from building blocks using drag and drop. The difference to the typical methods of software development is that it manages without code. Using a low code platform can save time, resources, and the cost of creating applications. In addition, the quality of applications is also improved, since already tested components are used.

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Project control – a tightrope act

“Then we just push on”. This is how the six-year shift in the opening date of Berlin Airport began. In the rarest cases, the project control of large projects is completed as it was initially planned. The fact that further ideas, requirements, challenges or interests develop in the course of project implementation is part of intensive project work. The art is not to lose sight of the feasibility.

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Less software bugs. More relaxed business.

What effects software bugs can have and how you can handle it Software bugs are just making life hard for developers: it all begins with the eternal search for the offender. If you didn't write the code on your own, you have to fight through the jungle like Mowgli...

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Process Optimization

Process Optimization: How to rescue Competitiveness? In order to withstand increasing competitive pressure and the internationalization of the markets, it is necessary to optimize and further develop one's own business processes. But what screws do companies have to...

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