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Save money and resources with regular reports:

Without financial controls, businesses lose money, potential and resources. This means that payments and their origins are not really examined and that there is in fact no possibility to study them transparently. The resulting figures and key indicators continue to develop accordingly, in a way which could be decisive in terms of success or failure.
In the course of a normal working day, it is often the case that important information cannot be viewed simply and clearly, as there is no time to use a complex report engine to turn data into a useful analysis. The data and figures however often contain significant content which above all must be taken into account when making strategic decisions.
Typical questions with which meaningful reports could help include:

• am I reaching my goals?
• what is going well and what is going not so well?
• which resources could be saved or better used?
• what needs to be optimized?
• which processes could be improved?

In all departments such as marketing, production, development, services etc there are processes, which must be monitored and checked. Data records normally need to be summarized in a planning or status report or in a short analysis, in order to be able to effectively react to needs, requirements or calculations.

Decisive reports for all that is important

In order that the information needed is precisely that which is analyzed, a simple but quick report engine is necessary. Business does exactly that. In Business App there is already an integral report engine, with which it is possible to quickly and effortlessly evaluate and analyze the desired data. From a view you can launch a report using a control element and then simply save this in your application. This allows for data selected in a view to be passed through to the report.