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Project control – a tightrope act

Success through project control

“Then we just push on”. This is how the six-year shift in the opening date of Berlin Airport began. In the rarest cases, the project control of large projects is completed as it was initially planned. The fact that further ideas, requirements, challenges or interests develop in the course of project implementation is part of intensive project work. The art is not to lose sight of the feasibility.

Project control means planning, monitoring and controlling

The project control consists of three main steps. Planning, monitoring and controlling. But the first step already hides a dilemma. By definition, planning is the mental anticipation of future action. But how come that plans are not respected? How often has BER Airport CEO professor Engelbert L√ľtke Dalkdrup been asked this question? How can a construction project such as Willy-Brandt-Airport in Berlin be miscalculated by five billion euros and delayed by almost ten years? Planning is more than the definition in the textbooks. Planning is also justification for the costs, time and resources needed for a project. Planning thus becomes the basis of the external image vis-√†-vis the stakeholders. No wonder, then, that the interests of the stakeholders are taken into account in the project management and the feasibility of the project is thereby neglected in some places. The effects are evident every day in failed construction projects, delayed opening dates or multiplication of the planned budget.

Project control as a management task

Target-oriented project management is essential for the success of a company. The competition is merciless. Delays or misplaced financing plans can mean the end for a company. This makes project management a management task and must be aligned with the company’s strategy. Companies need to be flexible in this ever-changing market. That is easier said than done. How do you manage it anyway?

Project control made easy

A valuable help is the appropriate software support. These are often missing especially in smaller projects. Frequently, however, common project management tools are too extensive and overwhelm the users. Not everyone who is responsible for a project has a project manager training, let alone the time to deal with escalating tools. With the Project Reporter from Business App, projects can be structured, monitored and controlled simply and clearly.

Manage projects successfully with the Project Reporter

The focus is on concentrating on the essentials and easy coordination with colleagues and supervisors. For each project, the topic, contents, problems, solution options and decisions can be recorded. In addition, tasks, conversations, notes, notifications and related documents can be created. Thus, the responsibility is clearly regulated and the work processes are clearly structured. The automatically generated protocol shows what was done last.

Here you can find more information about project control with the Project Reporter

Increase in productivity

Less is more – better work in less time

Productivity is still a central issue in the economy. Business processes are put to the test and scaled down in order to achieve more in less time with the same resources, in short, to become more productive.

But what is the key to productivity?

And why should companies increase their productivity?

Rocket launch for your productivity!

The lever to increase productivity

Productivity is a central approach to ensure and improve the competitiveness of a company in the long term. It is becoming more and more important to save costs and to generate fast implementation of market requirements. Through higher productivity, employees want to be able to leave work early, have less time pressure or a steeper career path. The key to productivity lies in saving time. The faster one task is completed, the more time is left for the next one. An increase in this factor almost inevitably leads to higher profits. For this reason, increasing productivity is a central task of every company management and requires great attention. However, this is more difficult to implement than expected.

The productivity killers

A common problem in increasing productivity is that more and more people find it difficult to set priorities correctly. Phone calls, meetings and constantly new e-mails: it is not easy to concentrate on all these tasks without losing sight of the essential to-do list. This is because developers in particular often struggle with the problem that they overestimate their assessment of the complexity of a feature and spend significantly more time on it than originally expected. Companies and employees alike suffer from these productivity killers. So how can an increase in productivity lead to a reduction in working hours?

Increased productivity with the right tool

An important driving force for increasing productivity is the low code platform “Business App”. It is the optimal support on the way to more productivity. The modular system allows the user a new way to work creatively and individually without having to write code (= low code principle). The simple organization of business processes makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently by hiding or postponing distractions or outsourcing work completely. In this way, potential can be recognized immediately, resources can be managed more efficiently and deadlines can be met even during peak periods. In addition, the technical support leads to more transparency in company management, which in turn has a positive effect on employee productivity. This leads to an improvement of the working atmosphere and ultimately to motivated employees and satisfied customers.

Process Optimization

Process Optimization: How to rescue Competitiveness?

In order to withstand increasing competitive pressure and the internationalization of the markets, it is necessary to optimize and further develop one’s own business processes. But what screws do companies have to turn in the future to successfully implement growth strategies? And how can that succeed?
Process optimization

Process Optimization – an unpleasant Work?

Companies always strive to stand out from the competition and gain a competitive edge over the long term. At the same time, great care should be taken to continuously optimize corporate structures and processes that have grown over the years in order to adapt to constantly changing market requirements. Although poorly organized processes usually remain untouched in economically strong phases, they are very important in weak phases. For this reason, it is essential to optimize processes. Some companies see process optimization as unnecessary or unpleasant criminal work.
However, a study of the consulting firm “Prego Services” with over 60 participants from the top management shows that process optimization and the implementation of IT security structures are currently the top topics in digitization

Challenges of Process Optimization

In process optimization, both flexibility and speed, as well as consistent alignment with customer requirements and business goals are the sticking point on the way to success. Only then can companies gain the actual competitive advantage. Ultimately, process optimization is all about making business processes more efficient by improving process quality and shortening process times, thereby reducing process costs.

Optimize non-productive processes

In every business, there are processes that should be scrutinized because they hinder productive workflows.

A practical example:

A research organization gives the results of their research as prototypes to other sites and potential customers. However, there is no overview of the more than 5,000 objects, where they are currently located and when they will come back. Various project requests from potential customers can only be processed after extensive research, many objects can not be located at all. How do you manage to optimize this process as quickly as possible?
By introducing an object management application that provides central overview to each employee, which objects are available, where they are, and when they are available. Many now shy away from the cost and duration of such optimization. But with the help of modern tools, the introduction of software for process support now succeeds in half the time and thus with a much faster return on investment.

Flexibility and speed in Process Optimization

With new tools, so-called low-code platforms such as “Business App,” process optimizations can be implemented easily and quickly, in order to achieve individual improvement in business processes and to meet market requirements in the long term. Within a few hours and without any programming knowledge, business processes based on ready-to-use blocks can be mapped and modified in a software without having to write any code (= low-code principle). A first prototype can be tested so quickly in practice and flexibly adapted to individual requirements. Thus, process optimization develops from the unpleasant work to the company engine. More information on modern Process Optimization

Lack of software developers

Why software developers are so rare:

The entire software industry complains: “Software developers and programmers with sufficient know-how have become rare.” The shortage of developers seems to be growing, especially in Europe. With inquiries on Xing or LinkedIn, however, no senior software developer can be lured behind the oven these days, especially since many are not registered in these networks at all.
Lack of software developers - not with Business App
However, there are also repeated voices from the developer ranks that the salaries and perspectives offered are often unattractive and thus the will to bind themselves to a company is not very pronounced.

“Many companies have great problems finding IT specialists.”

As in every year, Bitkom determined the number of missing IT professionals last autumn. The result: 38,000 vacancies are currently vacant, 10,000 more than a year earlier.

Many are freelancers out of conviction

The increasing demand for IT experts is also having an impact on their earning potential. According to one study, the salaries of specialists and executives rose by 4.5 percent last year. With a gross annual salary of around 60,000 euros, IT employees are doing well in industry comparison. Even energy suppliers or in vehicle manufacturing, which are generally regarded as very well-paid industries, earn less.

But a comparatively good salary is not enough for many IT professionals. More and more of them are exchanging the security of the employee’s existence for the unboundness of a freelancer. There are up to 80,000 freelancers in Germany. Their numbers are increasing continuously, but not disproportionately compared to employed IT specialists. Most freelancers work freelance because they appreciate the freedoms they have as their own boss – but not because they have no choice.

Developers on average 44 years old

Nevertheless, many freelancers initially work in a permanent position and only become self-employed once they have gained sufficient professional experience and contacts in the industry. Software developers are particularly in demand. Their average age is astonishingly high: according to a Gulp evaluation, they are 44 years old and have 20 years of professional experience.

Developer shortage? No problem with Business App!

To create a business application with Business App, you don’t need a large team of software developers. Depending on your business application requirements, a configurator and an administrator are enough to create and maintain a workable application.
If you want your own design, it makes sense to consult your web designer or graphic designer, so that he can make adjustments with CSS and HTML, for example. A programmer is only necessary if the application is to be extended with program code due to special needs.

See for yourself >>

Last-minute gift ideas

No gifts yet? No panic!

Advent, Advent, a first candle is being lit. First 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then the Christ Child is for the door! And when the 5th candle burns, you have missed Christmas!

Whether as a gift or for your own wish list, last-minute gifts for IT enthusiasts and technology fans are often not so easy to find. No reason to panic. We show you a few creative gift ideas so that there are no sour faces under the Christmas tree.

Binary Wrist Watch

You are looking for a worthy time measuring device for the wrist, but you find analogue clocks totally boring. And a more modern digital version do not impress you? Then the Binary Wrist Watch is exactly the right thing. It is shapely, timeless and underscores your technique-infatuation in a unmistakably original style.

Gift idea: Binary Wrist Watch


At times, no ideas for a good gift idea would simply arise, so that one could almost despair. How would it be if the presentee not only just have something of it, but also would recover something lost at the decisive moment? Here comes the concept of BringMeBack , which helps to get lost items back again. Place the sticker (s) on the object (smartphone, key, etc.), register online and relax …

Gift idea:  BringMeBack

Smartphone Gloves

Who does not know: you’re on the road, it’s cold, the smartphone rings. If the smartphone has finally been taken out of the bag or fished out of the handbag. You have to pull the glove from the fingers at the latest, in order to be able to handle the touch screen at all. If all this is too much, you can go to the Smartphone Gloves so that even when the temperature is cold, wiping and tapping is no longer a problem!

Gift ideas: Smartphone Gloves

Cyber Clean

They spend a lot of time at the computer and eat e.g. in fornt of? Then you should think about cleaning your keyboard, because it is surely already full of crumbs and dust. In addition to crumbs and dirt, germs and bacteria accumulate on the keyboard and other electrical devices. CyberClean works against both! Simply press on the keyboard, telephone or remote control, wait briefly and without rubbing or similar and pull again. The flexible mass adapts to the shape of the device and penetrates all cracks. After that, not only does everything look clean again – almost all germs and bacteria are eliminated, because CyberClean also disinfects!

Gift ideas: Cyber Clean

Gift Card

The most suitable last-minute gift is the gift card. Multifunctional and perfect as a placeholder for anything you can not shop in time.

Gift ideas: Gift Card

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From 0 to app in 60 minutes

Create business applications in prime time:

This is not just a marketing slogan. We’ll show you how to create a business application from an empty database in just 60 minutes…

Almost as prototyping in dialogue, we develop an app from the idea. Without writing a line of code. Only with the Business App Designer and the tools it contains. And even if we as developers do not want and do not have to do without code, an application designer saves time for the essentials with finished modules, objects and functions ‚Äď ideas and creativity. Don’t you think so? Let’s show!

More videos can be found here