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Lack of software developers

Why software developers are so rare:

The entire software industry complains: “Software developers and programmers with sufficient know-how have become rare.” The shortage of developers seems to be growing, especially in Europe. With inquiries on Xing or LinkedIn, however, no senior software developer can be lured behind the oven these days, especially since many are not registered in these networks at all.
Lack of software developers - not with Business App
However, there are also repeated voices from the developer ranks that the salaries and perspectives offered are often unattractive and thus the will to bind themselves to a company is not very pronounced.

“Many companies have great problems finding IT specialists.”

As in every year, Bitkom determined the number of missing IT professionals last autumn. The result: 38,000 vacancies are currently vacant, 10,000 more than a year earlier.

Many are freelancers out of conviction

The increasing demand for IT experts is also having an impact on their earning potential. According to one study, the salaries of specialists and executives rose by 4.5 percent last year. With a gross annual salary of around 60,000 euros, IT employees are doing well in industry comparison. Even energy suppliers or in vehicle manufacturing, which are generally regarded as very well-paid industries, earn less.

But a comparatively good salary is not enough for many IT professionals. More and more of them are exchanging the security of the employee’s existence for the unboundness of a freelancer. There are up to 80,000 freelancers in Germany. Their numbers are increasing continuously, but not disproportionately compared to employed IT specialists. Most freelancers work freelance because they appreciate the freedoms they have as their own boss – but not because they have no choice.

Developers on average 44 years old

Nevertheless, many freelancers initially work in a permanent position and only become self-employed once they have gained sufficient professional experience and contacts in the industry. Software developers are particularly in demand. Their average age is astonishingly high: according to a Gulp evaluation, they are 44 years old and have 20 years of professional experience.

Developer shortage? No problem with Business App!

To create a business application with Business App, you don’t need a large team of software developers. Depending on your business application requirements, a configurator and an administrator are enough to create and maintain a workable application.
If you want your own design, it makes sense to consult your web designer or graphic designer, so that he can make adjustments with CSS and HTML, for example. A programmer is only necessary if the application is to be extended with program code due to special needs.

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Microsoft Framework Offline

No internet, no business …
… or why having .Net Framework Offline is really important

Microsoft Framework Offline? What is that about?

We live in a world in which technological developments progress with incredible speed.
A world of 1,000 possibilities, where everything seems limitless. But: There are very clear limitations: namely wherever the Internet is not available.

Where is there such a thing? And how can you work there at all?

Offline working
Not so rare: for example, in aircraft, in hospitals, in the desert (well, just check out many customers who are traveling in Arabia), in the far corner of the factory, on the sea or simply on flat land.
Much praised are online applications that run in the browser.
But they are also required offline, and more and more companies experience this gap.
Hardly anyone has thought of that.

We did it already and provide a Microsoft Framework Offline!

With Business App and the business applications created based on it, you also can work offline in a browser – with the familiar user interface and 100% functionality .

If you look at other offers on the market, no other application can do that!

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Responsive: The keyword for mobile software development

Why responsive elements are indispensable:

At least since Google punished non-responsive websites with juicy penalties, it should be clear to everyone: websites and web-based applications are no longer made without responsive web design.
We have conducted a small survey among our customers about mobile computing. Here, the picture confirms: approximately 92% of all respondents stated that they need their Smartphone or Tablet for their daily work. For example, for the documentation of customer visits, both in sales and in services. And that’s not all, that people want to do on the go: they need to share calendars and tasks, plan tours, release workflows, share product information, enter orders, evaluate analyses etc. Responsiveness becomes more and more relevant across applications for all areas.

What does that mean for Software Development?

All elements of an application such as navigation, masks, page columns, fields, buttons, tab, etc. must always be touch-optimized for display on various devices. For development that previously meant: test, test, test and curse if something did not work on a specific device, then correct the error, test again, curse again etc. Developers can spend many hours on responsiveness – it is a hard nut to crack. To ensure that everything works perfectly, is almost not feasible at a reasonable effort and cost.

How can we facilitate this?

Sure, there are a variety of tools that facilitate testing. Last but not least is, the built-in Chrome Emulator for Mobile Devices. But these tools only help to detect problems that must be solved in hours of work. Business App saves you a tireade of curses and sore fingers. All elements that Business App delivers are already optimized for display on different devices. Simply create the prototype or the finished application using drag & drop and use it directly on any PC, Smartphone or Tablet. That sounds too good to be true? Try it!