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Individual software development
to optimize your data management and processes

With the highly productive framework Business App and
a dedicated development team, we set your special requirements
into 100% tailor-made solutions. We are your partner for individual software development in record time.

  • Use of the latest .NET technologies & ready- made , tested libraries
  • Agile development with fixed milestones along defined roadmaps
  • Easy integration into existing business processes
  • Enormous advantages through the use of ready-made function blocks :
    + faster from prototype to complex application
    + easy migration from old (or legacy) systems
    + diverse expansion options

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Risk-reduced software development with Business App

Individual software development is characterized by certain properties. The projects are limited in time by a defined start and end time, have a clearly defined purpose, create something new, have a certain complexity, connect several departments and move within a given budget.
Many imponderables lie hidden in it.

With the use of the unique business app framework including ready-made function modules, we reduce this to a minimum .

  • missing deadlines and costs,
  • reduced functionalities in the end product or
  • the difficult maintenance and further development of applications.

Function blocks for quick and easy development

Fast and easy development with business app function modules

Find the right strategy with us as your partner

Despite the fact that we work with business app blocks for our tailor-made developments, each software solution is and remains unique and therefore as individual as your company and its processes. That is why we never work according to the same scheme.

Before we start a software project, we first get an overview of all the factors that play a role in the new development or modernization of your application. These include:

  • Your expectations and goals
  • clearly described requirements
  • a realistic planning and
  • the opinion of the end users

We then work with you to develop the right strategy , a customer-oriented roadmap and guide you through the individual phases of development .

Working with the business app framework and agile software development

The agile approach in cooperation with Business App brings you many advantages, one of the reasons why we work with it.

By assigning subtasks within the development team, each developer can concentrate on their topic.

Regular, short feedback cycles enable the software to be completed promptly.

In close cooperation with the developer, change requests can be continuously implemented and new features added at any time.
So there is plenty of scope for creative ideas and your software project can be continuously optimized or adapted.

For more information on the topic, please click on the graphic.

Advantages of agile development with framework Business App

With Business App and us, you avoid classic mistakes in individual software development

  • Requirements and goals are defined prior to a project
  • Deadlines are realistically agreed and adhered to
  • The procedural model is followed, the selected methods have been tried and tested
  • Programming standards and guidelines are observed
  • The data in the system used are encapsulated and the architecture can be expanded
  • In the development phase, tests are carried out continuously and systematically
  • A technical manual for Business App is available & is regularly updated
  • The documentation for the project takes place continuously
  • The phase results are approved regularly
  • The training of the users takes place on request in a targeted manner

Other good reasons to work with us


work for you from four locations in Germany: Software development Made in Germany, 100% GDPR-compliant.


We have already received, including the IT Innovation Award 2018 for particularly innovative IT solutions & the Global Excellence Award ’21.


In software development, as one of the Europe-wide CRM market leaders, we contribute to your software projects.


guarantee you professional advice and support with your individual software development.

Examples of custom software development
with Business App

No company is like the other. Therefore, with the Business App and our development team, we offer you full freedom for individual and 100% tailor-made applications. You can find sample solutions on our Create Applications page and here:

Support system - collecting user feedback

Industry: chemistry
Number of users: 20
Volume: 100,000 documents

– Outlook connection
– Interface to the existing ticket system
– make collected information permanently available

– Emails with a link to the evaluation sheet are sent to users
– Information about the user is automatically stored in the feedback forms
(such as department, product, solution, problem, etc.)
– Answers are recorded and processed in the database

– Evaluations after support cases
– Recognize problem cases
– Recording of feedback including suggestions for improvement

Project documentation with seamless correspondence management

Industry: chemistry
Number of users: 250 users
Amount of data: Processing of several 100,000 documents

– Documentation of all projects (e.g. plant construction, construction of a new hall, etc.)
– Authorization structures
– Connection to Outlook
– Task management (assignment of tasks, overview of status, etc.)
– Evaluation & reports (by processor, project content, number of documents, etc.)
– Interface to the long-term archive document

-An authorization concept was installed
– each team can create its own instance
– For each project, the respective team members can now only find information and data that are relevant to them.
Projects can be completed and archived individually (time frame and periods are freely definable)
– Project details can still be viewed afterwards

– All correspondence and documents can be sent to a project including data on partners, customers and suppliers
(including mails, contracts, scans) are archived without gaps as evidence for
– the clarification of problems for the purpose of agreements or deadlines
– Decisions, approvals, legal information, compliance, etc.
– The individual views provide information about all agreements with all parties involved
– Categories and the global search provide a complete overview in seconds

Reporting engine for worldwide market observation (including graphic representation)

Industry: chemistry
User: 10
Process: sales performance / sales controlling
Industry: Production

– Central database for recording all competitor data
(Manufacturer in the same branch incl. their capacities, production and sales figures, products, prices
as well as developments in the market and competitors for market observation and market transparency)

– A profile incl. Key figures created
– Recording and evaluating the global market situation

– Data serve as the basis for strategic decisions (pricing, production quantities, trends, etc.)

Centrally incoming customer inquiries via Outlook autom. Transfer to BA (Inbox)

Industry: chemistry
User: 10
Process: sales performance / sales controlling
Industry: Production

– Central inbox for customer inquiries
– Transparent processing incl. Task assignment
– Outlook connection
– Interface to the existing support system
– Workflows for seamless exchange between the systems

– Customer inquiries (e.g. about certain colors) are entered in the database
– Responsibilities and tasks are delegated internally
– Processing of inquiries:
– Status documentation
– if necessary Preparation of offers in the existing system
– Data is fed back into the database and stored centrally

– Evaluation of the volume of inquiries
– Gaining knowledge and deriving actions
(e.g. analysis of how many inquiries were won, how many were lost? For whatever reasons?
Analysis of strengths and weaknesses is an approach for improving products / services)

Event calendar for clear event planning

– Overview of all events incl. Information on speaker, place, location, etc.
– Participant administration (processing of registrations, cancellations, rejections, etc.)
– Evaluation of feedback on individual events
– Report on all events e.g. B. by status (booked out, overbooked, successful, canceled, etc.)

Get to know us and the Business App framework!

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