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Customer Manager

The business app solution for managing your company contacts and for customer loyalty

  • Management of companies, people, objects and documents
  • including important processes such as email, letters,
    appointments, tasks
  • one process from leads to opportunities to reporting
  • versatile, easy adaptation and expansion possible

Customer Manager – Focus on your relationships!

Manage your contacts with customers, partners and suppliers via a central database. For more transparency, closer proximity to contact persons and better collaboration between departments. This ensures greater satisfaction on both sides and thus better bonds and greater success.

The comprehensive archiving of contact data and histories, including the associated documents, enables precise information and quick action. This creates trust and strengthens your relationships, especially with your customers. If your customers feel that they are in good hands with you, they will remain loyal to you in the long term.

With the Business App Customer Manager you not only manage company and contact data, but also map relationships between companies and employees. You can also manage documents such as offers, invoices and contracts or objects such as vehicles and machines.


Business app customer manager: contact profile on laptop

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With simplified processes to success

The deliberately reduced design of the interface in the Business App Customer Manager not only makes navigation easier, it also provides a quick overview of the required data. Many helpful functions and workflows make work easier and help save time, which you can use for more important things: For example, you can reach your goal more quickly with the display of the files last used and with a start page configured via widgets with drag & drop.

Business App Customer Manager: Opportunity view on laptop

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  • Centralized data storage provides greater transparency across the enterprise.
  • All employees have access to the same data at all times.
  • Easy translatability facilitates multilingual use.
  • Important information can be graphically displayed using dashboards.
  • After evaluations, you will make decisions more quickly and take appropriate optimization measures.

Good reasons to use the Customer Manager

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Speed

Powerful search
with complex query language and typeahead function for extremely fast search for single records (including file attachments!)

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Quick Navigation

Fast entry
with automatic assignment of the fields
for post code / city and automatic duplicate search for fast processing when duplicates are recognized

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Filters and Favorites

Support for your communication
MS Office integration, email function,
serial correspondence, newsletters,
Create and store distribution lists, templates and forms

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Planning Tool

User administration
with comprehensive rights and role management, regulates collaboration and creates more security

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Rights Concept

including calculations, phases and checklists, forecast views and preparation of offers for active sales

Business App Schedule Group Calendar Icon Scalability

Calendar & resubmissions
for perfect appointment planning with automatic display of and reminders for follow-ups, so that nothing is forgotten

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