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Modernize company processes with the Business App platform

Create a central digital basis for your business applications. Combine strategy, technology and expert knowledge to face today’s challenges.

  • Make company processes more effective for new requirements
  • Develop applications 20 times faster than the competition
  • Prototypes can be created in just 5 days!
  • Secure market advantages with faster go-live

Digitization with function blocks as a recipe for success
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Tackling digitization right away with simple methodology
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Gaining the competitive edge with modernized applications
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Modernization with the business app framework and us
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Recipe for success: digitization with function blocks

The new normal demands the adaptation of all company processes to the changed conditions in extremely compressed time. Outdated business and production processes urgently need to be questioned and revised, because the market today is determined by customer requirements, new business models and technologies.

Use the possibilities of digitization with function blocks now if you want to modernize company processes and thus make them better, more productive and more sustainable. With Business App you can centralize, automate and simplify sales, administrative, customer service, marketing or financial processes, among other things. This will ensure the success of your company for the future.
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Tackling digitization right away with simple methodology

A digital strategy is the best prerequisite for the success of your individual digital projects .

Start by determining your digital maturity level. Where are you at the moment? Which departments, processes and employees will be affected when you modernize company processes?

Get an overview with the help of our free white paper ” Start into digitization”.

The result of your analysis gives you the best starting point from which to start your digital transformation.

Then divide the entire process into meaningful stages and, with the help of your managers, create a realistic time and budget plan for the individual steps.

Use our free checklist to prepare: Your answers to 5 important questions will help you plan your digitization .

We help you and accompany your digitization projects as a competent strategic partner.

With over 30 years of software expertise and a lot of experience in the sensitive areas of IT security, GDPR, quality assurance and industry-specific compliance management, we ensure the rapid implementation of your ideas & requirements. Get to know us. We answer questions about your digitization project.

Take advantage of modernized applications
and optimized performance


Fast development, faster go-live

For your business to adapt to the new realities, you need technology that makes transformation fast and easy. Business App is a flexible digital platform for modern applications that allows you to implement your ideas and requirements 20 times faster than with other software solutions. This gives you market advantages, because with modern workflows you launch innovations earlier than the competition!


Optimized performance, smooth processes

We offer the option of porting your outdated applications to a new environment. By removing errors, improving functions and increasing the speed, we increase the performance of your system. In this way you can work more effectively and are productive for the future.

Advantages for all areas & users

Create business applications for various corporate areas such as marketing, sales, HCM, finance & controlling, R&D, service & support, purchasing or project management. Business app integrates seamlessly and improves collaboration between specialist departments and IT teams. Users, configurators as well as developers and administrators benefit from working with Business App. You can find out what benefits the platform has for individuals here and online.

Modernize data management and business processes with us and Business App

Use the framework either with ready-made function blocks or with the low-code construction kit for your own developments – or with us for individual software developments. You can also combine all three options depending on what goals you are aiming for.

Individual software development with Business App and us

Indiv. Software Development

For the modernization of applications e. g. data from outdated systems are taken over or existing systems are expanded. With Business App & our developer team, we turn your requirements into solutions.

Ready-made software solutions as the basis for your own developments

Ready-made Software Solutions

With the standard solutions Customer Manager and Schedule Group Calendar, you receive basic functions as a basis for developing applications in record time . The solutions can be combined and expanded with your own code.

Low-code building block system for users, developers and admins

Construction Kit

With the business app low-code construction kit, you can configure modern web applications that exactly meet your needs. This enables users to support software development without having to program.

Machine management
Property Management
Financial services
Event organisation

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Martin Beutel, Sales Manager, Business App bei GEDYS

Martin Beutel

Key Account Manager | Business App Platform
Expert for modular digitalization
of your business processes


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