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Business App

Create Business Applications 50% faster and remain competitive.
Easy. Fast. Individually expandable.

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Business App:
The unique all-in kit with free templates
– infinitely expandable.

Business App makes it possible to develop business applications without much programming effort.
The theme is: Configure instead of programming code.

Add machine number in form easily

Business App live at CEBIT 2018

In keeping with the new festival concept of CEBIT, Business App offers many new highlights.

Included: Business App Base – the new home for your data.

Experience how your new application can be created in just a few steps – without programming.

What users think of the development platform Business App


“Teamwork is easier with Business App.
It provides us quick prototypes and more time for creative solutions.
In this way, our applications achieve greater acceptance and user satisfaction.”
Features for developers


“With Business App, we get a unified platform for our company that is easy to administrate.
Thanks to a clear structure and easy upgrade, we have little maintenance.”
Features for Admins


“The business app applications deliver exactly what we need.
They work reliably and our new requirements are implemented quickly – we had to wait a long time for that earlier.”
Features for Users

Progress of your Development Project in 10 Days


Without Business App


Using Business App

Development platform for fast, effective solutions


Quick Solutions, quick Return on Investment

Benefit from ready-to-use modules for creating your individual application – for yourself or your customers.
It’s easy to learn. By configuration you get ingenious functionality.
Let yourself be inspired by a stable and high-performance application!


Everything you need

With this unique and intuitive development framework and components you get everything you need to create your own applications in a much shorter period of time.
Design, prototype, analyze and manage complex web-based applications.


Applications for Everybody – no limits!

Create your Business Application for:
Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, R&D, Service, Support, Purchasing, Partners, Employees, Project Managers etc.
For whoever and whatever you like!
Business App integrates seamlessly into your existing IT environment.
And it helps you to improve collaboration between line-of-business and IT teams.

Business Application example Machine Management

Low Code Platform: Business App accelerates the development by 50%

With the Low Code Platform “Business App” companies can develop their business applications 50% faster.
Concerning the constant changing needs of the business, a fast and easy way to stay competitive.

The Low Code Platform Business App combines the latest technologies to automate the development, testing, versioning, building and deployment together in a simple to use platform.

The intuitive platform makes it possible to implement requirements within a very short time with a high quality – even without programming skills and after a brief introduction.
Applications are quickly created according to the modular principle with graphical user interfaces, instead of painstakingly writing code (low code).

Unique: New applications are quickly created based on ready-to-use business object templates.
First functional prototypes are created in minutes and ready to use.
Includes authentication, scalability, multiple-user operation and multilingualism.
If necessary, your own source code can be implemented without restrictions in the Low Code Platform, too.

Business App Examples: Device and Machine Management
Business App Examples: Real Estate Management
Business App Examples: Financial Services
Examples for a your own Business Application with Business App



Top Performance


Use already existing databases or flexibly switch

Microsoft SQL and Microsoft SQL Compact
Pervasive and SQL Anywhere
Advantage Database Server and IBM DB2
SQLite and Sybase
PostgreSQL and Oracle
MySQL and Firebird Database Server


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Cancellation and use of the right to object to data storage and processing possible at any time.

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