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No internet, no business …
… or why having .Net Framework Offline is really important

Microsoft Framework Offline? What is that about?

We live in a world in which technological developments progress with incredible speed.
A world of 1,000 possibilities, where everything seems limitless. But: There are very clear limitations: namely wherever the Internet is not available.

Where is there such a thing? And how can you work there at all?

Offline working
Not so rare: for example, in aircraft, in hospitals, in the desert (well, just check out many customers who are traveling in Arabia), in the far corner of the factory, on the sea or simply on flat land.
Much praised are online applications that run in the browser.
But they are also required offline, and more and more companies experience this gap.
Hardly anyone has thought of that.

We did it already and provide a Microsoft Framework Offline!

With Business App and the business applications created based on it, you also can work offline in a browser – with the familiar user interface and 100% functionality .

If you look at other offers on the market, no other application can do that!

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