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Cloud, this is a term that is often heard. Whether it’s Microsoft’s advertising campaign “in the cloud!”, or from Apple, whose iCloud is published everywhere. On your way to work, you can see endless posters everywhere that say nothing but “cloud computing”. Most people do not know what the cloud is. For most people, the cloud is a synonym for the Internet itself, and when you talk about SaaS products, its basically right. But when it comes to cloud computing, it is more complicated.
Cloud or Server? Pros and cons. What will you choose?

“In the field of information technology (IT), cloud computing provides new prozesses for providing IT resources. Resources that support companys in electronic data processing (EDP). For example, servers or software applications. “

For many users and companies wonder: Are we going to go into the cloud? Or do we keep our data and applications on our own servers?

When you start a new SaaS project, you usually have some minimal requirements. You will need a web server and probably a database server. At the beginning a small number of users will use the application, but the number of users will rise more and more. The number of users will determine the load on the server, and the server data will determine when the maximum number of users is reached.

So, where to start? With a dedicated server or directly to a cloud server? Here you find decision support:

Cloud Pro

• Don’t have to buy / maintain hardware
• Unlimited instance scaling
• Unlimited memory scaling
• Dynamic scaling
• You pay for what you use
• Redundant

Cloud Contra

• Bandwidth limited and expensive
• Memory is expensive
• SQL memory is expensive
• Lower performance in many cases
• Lack of control

Server Pro

• Full control
• Planty storage space
• Cost-effective storage space
• Bandwidth is cheap
• SQL memory is cheap
• High performance
• Room for growing

Server Contra

• You always pay for the maximum performance
• Limited physical space
• Physical scaling limit (vertical)
• Hardware error
• Non-elastic
• Configuration and administration

Costs for a cloud and server

To define the costs of setting up a cloud server is quite difficult. Each platform has different pricings and other factors that determine the cost.
A dedicated server in a datacenter is easier to calculate, the cost per month for a decent server (quad-core xenon, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB disk, Linux OS) is about 150 € per month.
In comparison, a much weaker small cloud with Microsoft Azure (1.6GHz CPU, 1.75GB RAM, 100GB of memory) would cost about 60 € a month, with less than half the server’s performance.
The important difference is that you may not need all of the power that the server provides, so you could save 90 € per month until the number of users rise on your application.

Cloud or own server

Whatever your decision is: with Business App, you have all the freedom in the platform choice. Choose whether your applications run on your own server (on premise) or in your preferred private or public cloud (e.g., Amazon, Azure, Telekom, Google). A change is possible at any time. Business App leaves you all freedom to make the right choice.
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