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It’s not always easy to integrate software into a business that already consists of a number of other programs and applications. E-mail clients must be integrated, along with for example programs for documentation and spreadsheets, to provide an integrated whole in order to make it easier to do business.

Office applications are here to stay

The average office worker spends 1,267 hours a year using office software, according to the results from a study carried out by the German company Made in Office. This means in 92% of cases the office software from Microsoft. A normal office worker spends 72% of his time working with office software.

It is therefore essential that all programs and applications which you use are able to work together as a single, comprehensive system. This means that data can be easily transferred and connected processes can be monitored.
For total customer care a unified working environment is essential.

The solution for your software integration needs

Business App works seamlessly with all MS products, such as MS Office and Office365, even in the cloud, in Sharepoint, Outlook etc. Open interfaces provide simple integration with external applications.
This makes it easy to integrate all those products which you need everyday.
Business App also supports 14 databases such as MS SQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, all of which can be used without the need for code modifications.

Integrating your software is child’s play! Learn more about it here!