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Finding the right personnel at the right time. Does the person meet the customer’s requirements? A lot of paperwork, huge amounts of files and many applications for different jobs from people all over Germany or even worldwide. Challenges for employees of companies offering personnel services.
A common problem in companies with personnel services: Create internal structures, keep the overview and ensure that the workflow is not endangered. With an infinite number of Excel lists in which the most varied information of all employees is stored, one does not necessarily make any progress. But there is another way. Whether setcards for models, hostesses, service staff or staff for customer service. Whether national or international customers. Tailor-made personnel services for trade fairs, conferences, congresses and events or model agency for TV, advertising or photo productions.

You place personnel worldwide and need a solution that supports you in a simple and uncomplicated way? Whatever you need, with Business App you can easily configure suitable applications for it. In addition to the usual address management, files can be uploaded here (photos, certificates, etc.) or information about size, clothing, second homes, language skills or special skills can be added.

In order to provide the customer with a clear summary of the applicants, a PDF can be generated directly from the application and a setcard is created that can be seen. This is not only quick and provides an overview, but also ensures a professional appearance towards the customer.


From the inquiry to the implementation – with tailor-made software:

  1. The customer makes an inquiry
He plans a big event, for which he needs 50 employees in the areas of catering, service and customer care in Berlin. His request is stored transparently in the application along with all other correspondence.
2. Search for the right personnel
In order to avoid costs for the customer, the database is filtered by place of residence: no further than 50 kilometres from Berlin. Due to the contact data stored in the database, it only takes a few minutes until the personnel from Berlin and the surrounding area are found.
3. Inquiries of available personnel
The job offer is sent to the available and suitable personnel by e-mail and they are informed about the period and the exact tasks. The customer’s briefing is also attached to the e-mail. This makes it easy to decide whether the job offer fits.
4. Passing on the setcards
After 50 employees have been found, the setcards are sent to the customer. They get an insight into appearance, size, language skills, abilities, etc. In this way, necessary steps can be taken in advance. For example, getting the right size of work clothes. This saves time and contributes to a smooth process.
5. Final discussion and filing of contracts
Each individual receives a contract that is valid for the period of the event. These are signed and stored in the application. Nothing gets lost and everything important remains in one central location.
Now there is nothing left to do, the event can begin.

Which application do you need? Find out which Business App solution suits you or create a completely individual solution for your business.