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Talent Manager

With the business app platform and its modules, you can configure the perfect software for modern human resource management without programming!

With the functions of the building blocks, your application automatically receives these benefits:

  • Setting, recording and tracking your HR goals
  • Optimized use of employees according to their abilities
  • Success through qualified personnel development as required
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Develop employees and achieve goals

The success of your company is based on the skills of your employees. And what your employees’ goals are.
For a digital future of your company, your employees need completely new skills and abilities.

Strategic personnel development and corresponding management methods are decisive for success.

How do you make your goals your employees’ goals?

And how do you continuously develop your employees?

Your challenges

  • Recognize and record the talents and knowledge of employees
  • Define and pursue realistic goals
  • promote professional qualifications methodically and further develop them according to the needs and abilities of the individual
  • Develop skills needed to achieve company goals
  • Secure the expertise and management stock according to the requirements
  • Uncovering deficits and avoiding misalignment
  • Not only maintain but increase motivation and satisfaction of employees

In this way, your HR management is optimally supported

Your self-configured application with Business App modules fits 100% to your specific challenges

  • Create individual skill profiles for each employee, including an assessment of the individual skills
  • Determine the training needs of each employee
  • Define qualification measures, evaluate the results and document each process
  • Agree and track individual goals for each employee (including your own assessment and that of the employee)
  • Use the expert search for skills (use the intelligent business app search function to filter out the right employee for a task from the employee profiles)
  • Expand your application unlimitedly according to your needs
Talent Manager application example: Contacts view
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Application example Talent Manager in the 9-minute video:
This is how you develop employees with a system

A talent manager software is the perfect application to solve the challenges of modern HR management. Simple and usable company-wide, it raises personnel development and management to a new level.

More videos can be found on our Business App YouTube channel

How do you quickly get to a business application that fits your needs?

If you are looking for an application, you have already asked yourself this question. And you already know about the drawbacks of ready-made business applications:

  • They are often too complex and too expensive
  • They don’t fit your needs
  • Adjustments mean a lot of effort
  • The implementation of your requirements takes too long

Business App delivers your desired solution quickly! How?

The answer: With business applications from the business app kit!

WordPress has done it: a building block for websites, with which everyone can build their own website in no time. And without any code. With brilliant templates that can be quickly adapted to your own needs.

This is now also available for business applications:

Business App is one of the simplest and most innovative kits for business software. You can use drag and drop your applications to create graphical interfaces without any programming knowledge.

Get to know the business app platform!

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